About Us

Enduring Quality and Respect


Mary Beth and Don Hirsch, Owners

No, we’re not stuffy people in an office with taupe walls and fluorescent lights. We are regular folks with years of experience and knowledge about website design and development.

Mary Beth has a BA in from the University of Texas in Arlington and Don holds a BS from Oklahoma State University. Mary Beth’s is the Creative Director with expertise is in design, markup code, the inner workings of WordPress, internet research, and creative problem-solving. Don is the business director with expertise is in software management, website hosting, and everything else.

Whereas it can be helpful to know all of our credentials, it just as important to know who we are as people.

Learn more about MB & Don as real people

Web Developers near me

When we opened Out of Nowhere in 1999, websites were created by manually writing HTML code and only a handful of people knew how to do it. Over time, a multitude of technologies and tools have come and gone. Currently, however, there is a big shift happening in the internet and website development, splitting website development into two different directions. One direction is towards the development of complicated applications, which act as websites, but which require custom programs to perform complicated functions online (and they have the price tag to go along with it.) The other direction is the explosion of user-friendly website development tools which make website design accessible to the non-technical person.

The New Normal

We are now seeing more and more small businesses and individuals needing help with editing their current websites or creating new websites with one of the many DIY website tools flooding the market. The leading CMS (Content Management System) for websites is WordPress, and premium themes like Avada and Divi make creating and editing a website possible for a lot of people. The caveat, however, is most people have some pretty big knowledge gaps which can be frustrating and time consuming.

Website Help

This is where we come in. We bring a wealth of knowledge gained from almost 20 years of website design and development experience. We understand how websites work behind the scenes, which allows us to make edits and updates quickly. We understand how registrars, domain names, website hosts, and email work together. We know how to quickly review a website to determine how to improve its appearance and functionality in the most cost-effective manner. We’ve created dozens of websites using WordPress and multiple themes, so we can easily assist with WordPress-related issues. We also understand what a wild, wild west it is on the internet and how to keep your website safe from malicious activity. We can teach you what you don’t know you need to know. We love helping others, and we love helping others help themselves.


What hasn’t changed over the last 20 years is our dedication to our clients. We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. We respond to all inquiries and requests within one business day, and usually much sooner. We listen carefully to questions and goals, and give the advice that is best for our clint, not most profitable for us. We communicate in clear, easy-to-understand language instead of techno-argon. Years ago, we had the opportunity grow the company by hiring more people to do more work to make us more money. We quickly learned we prefer the connection we have with our clients over managing employees and the ever-increasing pressure to charge more for our services. At that point we made a conscious decision to stay small and to focusing on building quality long-term relationships, where we could be a partner in their website success.