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Mary Beth & Don Hirsch

Mary Beth Hirsch

first album: The Grand Illusion, by Styx

on the bucket list: to live in a hobbit hole

favorite smell: rain

guilty pleasure: CUT Youtube Channel

comfort food: chicken and dumplin’s

worst job: driving an ice cream truck

birth order: 2nd of 4

favorite dessert: yes

named after: both grandmothers

fort worth: 5th generation

surprising history: lived in a castle

childhood dream: be a fireman

“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief.”
~ Mary Oliver

Don Hirsch

first album: Meet the Beetles

on the bucket list: to hostel through Europe

favorite smell: chocolate chip cookies

guilty pleasure: minecraft

comfort food: grilled cheese sandwich

worst job: grocery store floor mopper

birth order: 4th of 4

favorite dessert: chocolate cake

named after: father

fort worth: got here in 1984

surprising history: FDIC Bank Examiner

childhood dream: be a dad

“Something in the way she moves, attacts me like no other lover”
– The Beetles