Web Design Adventurers

Mary Beth, Don, and Tom

Mary Beth Hirsch
Mary Beth Hirsch
Owner, Designer, Fixer

Mary Beth has a BA in psychology and art from the University of Texas in Arlington. She is one of the owners of Out of Nowhere, the Creative Director, and Chief Executive Fixer. She has expertise is in business development, design, internet research, customer relations, and creative problem solving,

first album: The Grand Illusion, by Styx

on the bucket list: to live in a hobbit hole

favorite smell: rain

guilty pleasure: Beau of the 5th Column

comfort food: chicken and dumplin’s

worst job: driving an ice cream truck

birth order: 2nd of 4

favorite dessert: yes

named after: both grandmothers

fort worth: 5th generation

surprising history: lived in a castle

childhood dream: be a fireman

“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief.”
~ Mary Oliver

Don Hirsch
Don Hirsch

Don has a BS in psychology from OSU and brings a wealth of knowledge from working in diverse industries such as banking, insurance, and as a teacher of computer science. He is one of the owners of Out of Nowhere. He retired as Business Director in 2020, but he continues to be an important part of the Out of Nowhere team.

first album: Meet the Beetles

on the bucket list: to hostel through Europe

favorite smell: chocolate chip cookies

guilty pleasure: minecraft

comfort food: grilled cheese sandwich

worst job: grocery store floor mopper

birth order: 4th of 4

favorite dessert: chocolate cake

named after: father

fort worth: got here in 1984

surprising history: FDIC bank examiner

childhood dream: be a dad

“Something in the way she moves, attracts me like no other lover”
– The Beetles

Tom Gotkowski
Tom Gotkowski

Tom has a BS in Advertising/PR from TCU. He designed packaging & publications early in his career. This was followed by over a decade in printing where he developed & oversaw a variable-data direct mail program for a major travel marketing account. Tom moved into web development in 2012 and has never looked back.

first album: The Cars

on the bucket list: to live in the Caribbean

favorite smell: my wife’s neck

guilty pleasure: facebook marketplace

comfort food: posolé

worst job: prepress manager

birth order: the baby

favorite dessert: oatmeal raisin cookies

named after: no one

fort worth: yes

surprising history: expelled from 2 parochial schools

childhood dream: to live in the Caribbean

quote: “The more relaxed you are the better you are.”
– Bill Murray