Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing a website subscription?
  • Low cost of entry! Only $299.00!
  • One price for everything.
  • HUGE savings. For the cost of three hours of monthly edits ($300), you receive a website (valued at $2700), hosting with off-site backup and software maintenance (a $40/month value) and a domain name (a $20/year value), AND three hours of monthly edits and updates.
  • Makes annual budgeting a breeze.
  • We do the edits and updates for you.
  • The site is safe. It is periodically off-site backed up to the cloud.
  • We maintain website software for you.
Are there any hidden fees?

There are no other hidden fees; however, we must collect sales tax for our Texas clients.

Is there a contract?

Yes. The contract is for two years. After that, the Website Subscription is provided on a month-to-month basis.

What is included?

Everything most businesses and organizations will need is included.

  • Domain of your choice (depending on availability)
  • All pages and functionality listed in the Website Subscription Project Scope
  • Fully managed website hosting
  • Regular off-site backups to the cloud
  • Regular website software updates
  • Additional website security software from Wordfence.
  • Three hours of edits/updates to the website per month.

The cost of three hours of edits per month alone is $300. Essentially, you get a $2700 website; monthly website hosting, off-site backups, and software maintenance; and a domain name for free!

Do I “own” the website?

This is a subscription service so Out of Nowhere retains ownership of the website.

How long does it take to build my website?

The standard website with 12 pages will take about one month to complete. We call this time when we are building out the site the “Initial Build”. Most of this time, we will be waiting on you to send us content (text & images). If you provide content quickly, it could be sooner. If you expand the website subscription with additional features, it could take longer.

What are my responsibilities during the Initial Build?
  • You will work with our designer to choose the design style for the site.
  • You will provide final text for the site (copy writing services are available for an additional fee).
  • You will provide any images you want to appear on the site. (We can also provide stock photos to complement page content.)
  • You will review the site and request edits and updates. You get as many edits as you want during the initial build.
  • We will need you to secure accounts with third party vendors like Google, Wufoo, and Mail Chimp if you want to use these services. We can walk you through these choices.
  • If you supply your own domain, you will need to point the domain to our host. If you give us access to your registrar, we can do this for you.
  • We require automatic payments be set up for every Website Subscription. We will walk you through this procedure.
Can I make edits to the site?

No need! We will make updates and edits to the website for you. We provide three hours of edits/updates per month as part of the Website Subscription. (We can get a lot done in three hours!) If you have more than three hours of edits to be completed, you may choose to delay the extra edits until the next month, or we can make additional edits immediately and bill separately for that work. Additionally, we can make you an editor of the site so you can edit text and images yourself.

What is included in the Website Hosting?

We maintain our own host servers at Digital Ocean. We only host our web design clients’ websites. Each website is allocated 2 GB of hard drive space and 2 GB of bandwidth.

Do I get email with my website hosting?

No, but for good reason. Website-hosted email is riddled with problems. It receives a lot of SPAM, it makes the server insecure, and it is famously unreliable. Securing free email service with your website host is a poor choice for organizations whose email is critical to business success. Don’t worry. You can still have email with your domain name. We recommend you secure services with a dedicated email service provider and we will help you point your domain email there. We recommend Google’s G Suite ( We have discount coupons. Just ask us and we’ll send you one.

How do I deliver content?

We will create an account for you in our project management system. You will use it to upload text documents and images, to ask questions, and to communicate about website development.

What is a “web page?”

A web page includes up to 300 words, 10 links, and 3 images. Pages with tables, forms, or lots of images are considered to be more complex and will increase the cost. We don’t enforce this on a page-by-page basis; rather, we look at averages. Some pages may be very short and other pages may be over the guidelines listed above. That is perfectly acceptable.

How do we get started?

We need to receive all signed documents and the first month’s payment to get started.

What documents must be signed to get started?
How do I know how long edits will take to complete?

We can give you a general idea of what how much time it will take to make specific edits and then after the edits, we will inform you of how much time you have remaining for the month.

What if I already have a domain name?

We can use any domain you already have registered as long as you have access to the domain registrar. The domain DNS or “A” record must be pointed to our web host. We can send you these settings, or if you give us access to the registrar account, we will make these changes for you.

What does “responsive” mean?

A responsive design is a web design approach aimed at building a website that works well across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computers). This does not mean the site will look the same on different devices; just the opposite. A responsive design will adjust for the size of display. Our goal with a responsive design is for a viewer to have an easy and intuitive experience regardless of the device they are using.

Is e-commerce included?

Not yet. This is a brand-new product and we haven’t developed the e-commerce feature, yet. If you need to sell products from the website, we can work with you to create a solution.

Can you set up the newsletter service, such as Constant Contact, for me?

Yes, we can set up some of these service for you. If it is a Premium service (it has a monthly charge) we will need your billing information to set up the account. Many of these providers require email confirmation that is timed, so we would need to coordinate a time that you can be available to make these confirmations.

What kinds of choices do I have in terms of design?

We will start with asking you to choose from many different design templates. You pick the one(s) that most closely match the design you want. You then work with our designer to make it just how you want it. Keep in mind that we use WordPress to build the site. There are always limitations to design inherent in any software suite.

Can I edit my own site? If so, do you provide training?

Yes, we can give you limited access to the WordPress backend. You will be able to edit text and images. We can provide you with training videos and assistance through email.

Is there any downside to using a Website Subscription?

The only potential downside is that you won’t own the website. If you choose to end your Website Subscription, you can’t take the website elsewhere. Whereas this may seem like a negative, it needs to be considered within a context.

  • With the Website Subscription, you are essentially only paying for three hours of updates per month while receiving a $2700 website for free. In addition, you don’t pay extra for website hosting, free monthly backups, software maintenance, and domain name renewal. Basically, you have nothing to lose.
  • Because the internet and technology change so rapidly, most websites have a short shelf-life unless regularly updated and maintained. If you change to a non-subscription website model, you can expect huge up-front costs of thousands of dollars. A subscription site provides you a low-cost of entry and the ability to expand the site through the three hours of edits/updates per month.
  • You may not receive the same level of hosting service, website security, and response time as you receive with us. We frequently accept clients who have fired a previous developer because they were unresponsive or too slow to respond. We value good, clear communication and exemplary customer service.