All-Inclusive Website

(Regularly $399/month)


Know exactly how much your annual costs will be ahead of time.


No need to spend thousands of dollars upfront to get online.


Website will be modern and attractive on computers and mobile devices.


Get up to three hours of edits/month at no additional charge.

We design a stunning website for you

we buy a domain

we host it

we make off-site backups

we maintain the software

we make monthly edits to your site


Business Website

  • Beautiful Responsive Design A website that works well across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computers).
  • Up to 12 Pages On average, a page may include up to 300 words, 10 links, and 3 images.
  • Slideshow We create a single slideshow with six (6) images with up to three (3) words on each slide.
  • MegaMenu A drop-down menu that can be split into columns and we can add images, videos, contact forms, and maps, along with text and links!
  • Parallax effects Parallax effect is a special scrolling technique in which background images scroll down more slowly than foreground images and/or text, creating the illusion of depth.
  • Interactive Google map A Google map with a single marker for your location. A visitor can zoom in and out of the map to get the level of detail needed.
  • Embedded videos We embed up to four (4) videos from your own YouTube or Vimeo account.
  • Website search function A search box can be on a single page or integrated into the overall site design so it is included on all pages.
  • Stock photography Includes up to twelve (12) images we purchase on your behalf. Additional images may be purchased for a nominal fee.
  • Assistance with image selection We help you with the selection of appropriate images from our library of stock photography.
  • Photo gallery or portfolio A page which contains thumbnails of multiple images and when one of the images is clicked, either a larger version of the image is displayed in a pop-up window or a new page is displayed.
  • Contact form We will create one form for any page, usually the Contact page. The form will contain no greater than 10 elements. Results will be emailed to you
  • News blog A blog is a series of articles organized into categories. We will create a main blog page which displays introductions to your articles. We will add up to two individual articles that you supply.

Free Monthly Website Edits

  • Up to three hours You no longer have to worry about updating the website. We do that for you! All you have to do is supply content.
  • A $300 value Our hourly rate is $100/hour. We prorate our time to five (5) minute increments. You get three (3) hours included every month!

Domain Name

  • Subject to availability We register one (1) domain and point it to the new site. The domain has to be available (no one else has registered it.)

Website Hosting

  • Fully-managed hosting “Fully-managed” means we keep your website software (WordPress core, plugins, and theme) updated.
  • Off-site backups We backup your site to a different cloud service. We schedule complete backups and backup before any updates are performed.

Ongoing Support/Security

  • Wordfence security plugin and firewall The internet can be a dangerous place to play or work. We include software that acts like a security guard to keep the website safe and free from malicious people and software

Social Media Services

  • Social media links We add links on the website that direct visitors to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter,
    LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others).
  • Social media sharing widgets This widget allows visitors to share the website on their social media accounts. It also includes an email link that allows your visitors to easily email a link
    to your site.
  • Facebook feed We add a window on the site that shows the latest activity on your Facebook page.
  • Twitter feed We add a window on the site that shows your most recent tweets.
  • Newsletter sign-up button We integrate a small form on the website that allows a visitor to sign up to receive email newsletters. This form connects directly to your newsletter service and automatically adds your visitor’s information to your list of recipients.

Search Engine Services

  • Search engine friendly code WordPress is very search engine friendly, which means it allows the search engines to read site
    content and rank the site.
  • XML sitemap Search engines like Google and Bing look for a page on the site written in a special code (XML) that tells the search engines what pages are included in the website.
  • Submission to search engines If your domain is not already listed, we submit the site to Google and Bing. These two search engines supply the databases for almost every other search engine.
  • Submission to Google My Business If your business is not already listed, we submit the site to Google My Business. Your listing appears on the right side of the results page when people search for your business.
  • Google Analytics We suggest you use Google Analytics to see how visitors interact with the site. All you must do is setup a free Google account and we will create your Google Analytics account for you. We will add the tracking code to the website.

Not quite enough?

Expand your website with these subscription add-ons*

  • Extra page: $6/month
  • Slideshow (six item package): $18/month
  • Portfolio (six items): $40/month
  • Photo gallery (15 images): $12/month
  • Mapping Plugin (6 locations) : $18/month
  • Calendar/Events (5 events) plugin: $18/month
  • News Ticker (5 items): $6/month
  • Meeting (one hour- local): $6/month
  • News ticker (5 items): $5/month
  • Training (5-minute video): $6/month
  • Copy Writing (price per page): $6/month
  • Newsletter design: $12/month

Don't see an Add-on your want? No problem. We'll work to get you want you need.

* Applies to add-ons during the intial build (1st month).
Additions after the intial build will be applied to your three free hours of edits/month or by a pre-approved flat rate.

Example Designs


We use the AVADA WordPress theme as the primary design tool for creating websites.
Here are a few examples of what is possible.

We can customize any design for your industry or business.