Many people com to us for a website, but what they really want is a custom web application.

The difference can be difficult to understand.

Web Application:
A web application is a program that is run online which performs a particular functionality. Most applications can be integrated within a website. Examples would be a shopping cart, a calendar, a blog, a slideshow, etc.
A website is a series of interconnected web pages. The websites that we create do not have to be boring or devoid of any special functionality. Instead, we use preexisting commercial applications that specifically meet the unique needs of each website we create. In this way, we can add any number or variety of applications to your website to meet your specific goals. An advantage of this approach is that you maintain greater flexibility and ease of maintenance with less cost in the long run. The disadvantage of this approach is that you may need to make some compromises in the exact functionality and/or design of your site. Not every element is able to be customized.
Custom Web Application:
The custom web application is a single "program" written to accomplish a very specific task for you. It is created according to a strict set of guidelines outlined by you, for your custom purpose. A custom application is usually created because the functionality required does not exist in any preexisting application. The advantage of a custom application is that you get exactly the functionality that you desire, with no compromise.

The downside to a custom application is:

  • It is more expensive to build because you are starting from scratch.
  • If you need to change developers, it could be difficult to find another who can work on the application.
  • If you want to expand the functionality of your site in the future, it could be difficult and expensive.
  • You will not benefit from the consistent maintenance and upgrades to the application that you will find in a commercial, preexisting application.

Out of Nowhere does not develop custom applications.

Finding a application developer can be difficult. If there is website you want to model, you should contact them and find out who created their application. They have already experience building custom web applications for your industry and in alignment with your goals.