With most hosting accounts, you have access to the hosting control panel (cPanel) where you can add domains to your account.

    Hosting Control Panel:

In cPanel, if you go to the section labeled “Domains”, you will see three different types of domains:

  • Subdomains - Subdomains are URLs for different sections of your website. They use your main domain name and a prefix. For example, if your domain is “”, a subdomain of your domain might be “".
  • Addon Domains - Addon domains allow you to host additional domains from your account. Visitors can enter the addon domain’s URL in a browser to reach a subdomain of your site.
  • Parked Domains - Parked domains allow you to “park” additional domain names to your existing hosting account. This allows users to reach your website when they enter the parked domain in their browsers.

You will want to use the “Parked Domain”. The parked domain will act like the main hosted domain. You will even be able to create email accounts using this domain.

To park a domain:

  • Go into your domain registrar and change the DNS of the domain to point to the hosting account (use the same DNS settings as your main domain).
  • Go into your hosting cPanel and add the parked domain.

If you are not currently using our hosting services for your email accounts, you may want to use the same services for this new domain. Contact your IT person to set this up for you.