• Explain to us the reason for the meeting. We will not work with someone who tries to meet with us under false pretenses.
  • Send us a list of your questions or topics for the meeting. We will be able to properly prepare for the meeting. This will give you the greatest return on your investment.
  • If possible, try to resolve the issue before the meeting. We may surprise you by solving the problem and saving you money.

Reasons to have a meeting:

Don't like to write it down

Some of us are better at talking then writing. We like the verbal exchange when two people work together. It makes it easier to explain your tastes, ideas and goals. It is hard for you to take those same ideas and write them down. If this fits your situation, we understand. As long as you understand that have meetings makes a project cost more to complete.

You have something to show us

You may have documents, images, drawings or items that you want to explain. If you have considered the cost savings that mailing these items to us and you still feel that a meeting is the best way to provide this information to us, we would be glad to meet with you.

If possible, please send us any documents or images to us prior to the meeting to give us a chance to examine or read them without taking away from the meeting time.

Unique business processes

If this project depends on our understanding of your unique business practices, and the best way to explain these practices is to show us in person, then we are glad to come to your place of business. We have been very fortunate to take tours of many of our client’s businesses. These meetings can be very informative.

You have some questions

You have some questions and you don’t know how (or don’t want to) write them down. Maybe you are afraid that you won’t understand the answer if you ask the question in writing.

We would like to try a phone call before a meeting. We will send you our understanding of the phone call in a follow-up email. We do have to charge for our time for a phone call and the time it take to summarize the call afterwards.

The best way to ask questions is to send them by email. There is no charge for our time to answer an email.

You don't do business without a handshake

We have meet with a lot of people who’s sole reason for having a meeting is to look us in the eyes and shake our hands. This is a quaint custom that will limit your choices in this global internet market. We are glad to meet with you for this reason, but unfortunately it will increase the cost of your project.

You need some training

We are not computer technicians. We do not come to you and help you learn how to operate your computer.

If the website project contains programs that you will need to operate, we are glad to send you written instructions. We can even make a video of us performing the task that you are having an issue with, so you can see how it is done (additional charges apply).

If you need help figuring out how to set up your email, edit your website or process a PayPal payment, you need to hire a computer technicial or take a computer class at the local community college.


Available A-La-Carte

If you are not sure what you need, we are happy to meet with you. We are happy to discuss your project and goals. We can help you decide what internet services/products will best meet your needs. We do not meet to sell our services to you, but rather to answer your questions about the internet, websites and to offer the knowledge we have earned from 20 years of experience in website design.

We are great listeners and enjoy hearing your ideas. We office out of our home where we have children, pets, and friends. This is why we don’t have meetings at our office. We are glad to come to your office, home, or a local coffee shop and meet with you.

We love to meet with people.

We charge for our time

Because we charge for our time, we charge for meetings. (Please consider all the time a meeting really takes, including meeting preparation, transportation, time in the meeting, and summarizing the meeting afterwards.)

It is our policy to have all understandings with a client in writing. We have found that too often what we understood from a telephone call or a meeting is not always an accurate or complete understanding for all parties. To avoid misunderstanding, we make sure that all agreements and plans are in writing.

We may seem like we are discouraging you from meeting with us, but we really have your best interest at heart. We want to avoid unnecessary meetings and save your money for other services.

Meeting Prepreation

When a meeting is necessary: