A Scope of Work (SOW) is a tool that you can use to shop for web development services from any web design company, and you can be assured that when you receive bids from different companies, you will be comparing apples to apples. A Scope of Work is the only way for any web professional to give you an accurate price.


  • You will purchase website that will meet your expectations, because it is outlined fully.
  • You will avoid overpaying for your website because the web development company will prepare a bid with every contingency included.

Development of scope is a process that often involves a good deal of conversation and clarification of goals, pages, and website functionality. It also requires hours of work.

A formal Scope of Work will consider as part of your project:

  • A detailed list of the pages you will have in your site.
  • Suggested navigation.
  • Social networking integration.
  • Statistics and analytics.
  • Assignment of responsibility regarding text and images (page content).
  • Any special functionality such as forms, calendars, slideshows, video, e-commerce, membership, or other programs/applications.
  • Domain and hosting guidelines.
  • Copyright issues.

Note: We do not write a SOW for custom applications. We can address custom programming needs, but it will not be sufficient to build a custom web or mobile application.