We are not computer technicians. We do not come to you and help you learn how to operate your computer.

If the website project contains programs that you will need to operate, we are glad to send you written instructions. We can even make a video of us performing the task that you are having an issue with, so you can see how it is done (additional charges apply).

If you need help figuring out how to set up your email, edit your website or process a PayPal payment, you need to hire a computer technicial or take a computer class at the local community college.

Working with WordPress can be challenging for the first time user. WordPress has a large community of volunteers that post self-help documentation. We recommend you use the on-line services to get started.
Send us a list of what you want to learn and we will tell you the best way to learn this new skill.
Options include training you over the telephone,
A personalized training video (you can review a video as often as you require), or
On-site training. On-site training can be designed for one individual or a group. Traveling outside of Fort Worth will incur additional fees (travel, meals, etc.).