Video is an important part of many websites.
Videos can:

  • Tell your story.
  • Demonstrate your product or service.
  • Teach a skill or process.
  • Document an experience.

So how do your get a video into your website?
Here are the steps to bring a video into your site:

  • Hire a professional videographer. You should not rely on amateur video unless you want the video to look amateurish. Make sure you get the copyright to psot the video on the web.
  • Establish a Google Account. We highly recommend that you don't use a Google account that is connected to an individual. If you do, you run the risk of losing everything if something happens to this individual. Instead, use a generic business email (you can create a new one just of this purpose) and use it to set up the Google account.
  • Create a YouTube channel (Using your business Google account). Upload all of your videos to this channel.
  • Send us a link to the video you want on the site.

That is all there is to it!

Having your video run from YouTube is the best way to stream video from your website.

  • You use YouTube's bandwidth so it doesn't slow down your website or cost you more money to host your website.
  • YouTube's technology works with all browsers. You don't have to worry if everyone can view the video.
  • Google owns YouTube. Having a video (that is properly labeled) on your site will help you with Search Engine Optimization.
  • The service is Free!
  • All the hard work is done. It takes just a few minutes to post it on your site (saving you even more money).